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Non-Traditional Learning

Within a mixed-age classroom, your child learns at his or her own pace, receiving inspiration from older students by observing their work and behaviors. As each child moves through their years in the classroom, the older students gain leadership and responsibility skills, which reflect in the development of their self-confidence. In this way, we can leverage the mentoring and discipleship that naturally occurs among humans and, in this case, children. A peaceful, non-competitive atmosphere allows children to work both independently and collaboratively. This more freely allows for mastery (learning) in skills and content. In this type of classroom, some lessons are given in small mixed-age groups based on readiness for the skills introduced. Other lessons are given one-on-one to meet the individual needs of the child. Some whole group instruction is utilized, much less than in a traditional mono-grade setting. Currently, we have four multi-age classrooms:


  • Pre-Kindergarten / Transitional Kindergarten (4-5 years old)

  • K - 2nd

  • 3rd - 6th

  • 7th +


Mondays       = Home Days*
Tuesday        = 9:00 - 12:30
Wednesday  = 9:00  - 12:30
Thursday      = 9:00  - 12:30
Friday           = Field Day**

*These days, parents will oversee any instruction and/or assignments for their child(ren). We will provide the lessons, and Mom or Dad will provide the instruction. 

**On Fridays, a trip will be planned that takes the students out into the “field.” These opportunities are geared mainly toward K-6 students, but younger and older siblings are welcome to join if desired and appropriate. The trips will be one of the following types: Educational (OhWow, Mill Creek, fire station, etc...), Service/Mission (Trash pick-up, rescue mission, fundraising, etc...), Performance (Nursing Home), or Character/Team Building (Camp Frederick, YSU Rec Center, etc...). These opportunities will provide rich real-life learning opportunities which in turn provide rich classroom opportunities in all subject areas. Check out the most recent Field Day adventures on our Facebook page.

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