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21st Century Learning


Today’s students are digital "natives”. Unlike many adults, they will never know a world without digital technology (DT). DT is not to be feared, but rather respected. It is an ever-changing reality and its unprecedented pace of change only continues to increase. DT presents both great advantages and worthwhile concerns.

With that being said, Legacy Christian Learning Center is committed to leveraging the power of DT for organization, instruction, learning, assessment, and research. One of the great needs for the 21st Century Marketplace is an ability to navigate and engage electronically. We will use digital technology as a means of instruction, organization, and communication on a daily basis. Additionally, we aim to develop students who are not just consumers of digital technology, but producers. We want students to value its power for not only their own benefit but also for the good of others. Consequently, we also acknowledge that digital technology is not always the best way to learn. For example, multi-sensory encounters with a flower in a garden or on a hike are favorable over the best video available on Youtube. Real language-rich experiences with people are more meaningful and effective than an animated video lesson. Additionally, we have to be concerned about the physical and mental effects that “screen time” can have on young children.  

With all of this in mind, Legacy's policy is to review their digital technology practices yearly in order to enhance the learning experience, as well as, protect students from potential dangers.

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