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Curriculum & Grades

LCLC provides course content that meets or exceeds state & national standards. The Core Program will include the following subjects: Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies (History, Geography, etc…). The Bible is not only taught separately but will also be integrated into the whole elementary curriculum.

Here are specific resources that LCLC will utilize in its curriculum: 

Although these resources will serve as starting points and guides in the learning process, LCLC believes the key to their effectiveness lies is in the well-trained educator's ability to modify and deliver as needed. 


Legacy provides opportunities additional to the core curriculum in the following subjects: Physical Education and S.T.E.A.M. Presently; we have a gym class every other week for 45 minutes.

Additionally, Physical Education opportunities include meaningful independent studies, as well as off-site physical activities scheduled separately or on field days. (Examples: Karate, Golf, Swimming, Archery, etc…) This approach gives students an opportunity to get an introduction to different types of physical activities, which may lead families to pursue more instruction individually. 

Similarly, Music and S.T.E.A.M. opportunities may be meaningful independent studies, as well as off-site experiences scheduled separately or on field days. Art will also occur on-site regularly, whether through hired teachers or parent/family volunteers sharing their talents.


Parents are encouraged to take advantage of art & music opportunities through their local church fellowship through its weekly children’s or holiday programs.

Legacy Christian Learning Center does not utilize traditional grade procedures for assignments or subjects. Generally, teachers use checklists, rubrics, and percentages as a way to communicate to students and parents their level of completion and mastery within specific subjects and skills.

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